Entertaining Your Airedale Terrier Puppy

Some dogs need a little more stimulation than others. The Airedale Terrier is definitely one such dog.

This isn’t the kind of puppy you want if you’re hoping for a pet you can leave alone for long periods of time. Because they were bred to be hunters, they thrive with mental and physical stimulation. As puppies, and as adults, they need a variety of different types of exercise. If they become bored, the consequences can be disastrous. Sometimes if they aren’t stimulated enough, and they aren’t trained to know that their owner is dominant over them, they can become aggressive towards other dogs.

airdale dog in rain

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Your Airedale Terrier and Health Problems

Airedale Terriers are a pretty tough breed. They’ve been used for hunting, and they were even one of the first breeds of dog used by police officers. As far as terriers go, they’re very strong, and are up to plenty of challenges.

However, this doesn’t mean they’re immune to having health issues.

running airdale breed

Most of them live an average of 10-13 years, though of course there can be exceptions to that rule. Just like any other breed of dog, it’s always important to have them regularly checked by your veterinarian for signs of illness. By the end of this article, you’ll hopefully be more informed about the different health problems Airedale Terriers can face, and how to keep an eye out for them.

airdale dog babies

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Memories with my Yorkshires

Ever since I was a child I’ve always loved dogs. All different types of dogs. Golden Retrievers, Boxers, Pit Bulls, Poodles, Bulldogs, German Shepherds, Pugs, Yorkshires, and Siberian Huskies are just a couple different breeds I loved. Although I haven’t all these different dog breeds in my house, I’ve come across each breed some way or another. Many of my friends also had an affinity for dogs. I wasn’t alone.

There was something special about the bond I grew with the first dog I ever had, a Yorkshire. When I was eight years old my parents bought the family a male Yorkshire named, Sampson. Sampson was absolutely to die for. When he was a puppy he was the cutest, cuddliest baby dog I’ve ever seen. His eyes were extremely exotic, rare for most Yorkshires. It’s not every day you come across the perfect dog. Of course, I’m biased, but my parents did.

yorkshire dog fanatic


When middle school came, Sampson grew to about the size of a mid-sized wolf. He was big. I was always the one in the family to take him on walks around the neighborhood. I remember on many occasions; neighbors & guests would always comment on the size and appearance of Sampson. Continue reading

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5 Tips to Loving Your Yorkshire

Having dogs is just like raising children, you must show love and attention. When you neglect your dogs, it will have a lasting effect on them. Whether you’ve had your dogs for quite some time, or you just recently adopted one; you must understand the five tips to show love and attention.

yorkshire dog owner

You must religiously treat your dog or dogs with these five pointers so they grow up to be loving creatures. Bad environments and circumstances will be directly proportional to the behavior the dogs grow into. These five tips may seem like basic, or (“no shit”) principles to live by; but you’d be surprised at the amount of dog owners that neglect them.

Take notes.

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Yorkshire Adventures on The Beach

Everyone likes going to the beach on a hot, sunny summer day. Right? Well, I hope you do.

One of my favorite beach cities to go to is Santa Barbara, CA. If you’ve ever been to Santa Barbara, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The weather, beach, environment, vibes, atmosphere, food, and babes are to die for. I highly recommend heading to the Santa Barbara coast line when you have some free time or when you have a weekend to get away.

santa barbara beach city

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Daddy’s Airedale Terrier

Yesterday was my dear Dad’s fourth death anniversary; and while cherishing his memories, my gaze stopped over at the chocolate tinted dog crate. Yeah! He was a passionate dog lover and had a noticeable affection for these canines; golden retrievers were his preferred variety.

cute golden retriever

Whenever, I used to visit him (after I tied the knot with Beesley) he was always busy taking care of his naive associates. Ever since my mum passed away, dad had found a consolation in making friends with dogs.

On his 70th birthday, one of his neighbors gave him an Airedale terrier as well as a book given to him at precisely the right time that was titled Understanding your Airedale Terrier.

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Choosing a Pet from the Right Place

My buddy James was so strong-willed in his choice of dogs that he was adamant in choosing an Airedale Terrier as his pet; yet, he required my guidance.

Being a veterinary medico, it was my duty to give him the top most suggestion for dog breeds for his lifestyle and personality. Let me tell you that James is a person who likes to do things properly and wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. So I had to provide knowledge to him little by little, and also I wanted him to be successful after journeying through various stages right from step one onwards.

To begin with, I took him to a pet wholesaler, where I wanted to show him what kind of animals he could help save.

“Many pet wholesalers are purely interested in the cash gained and do not take the necessary precautions in caring for the animals.” Continue reading

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The Largest Terrier

The largest of the terrier dog breeds definitely deserves its own blog posts right?

The Airedale Terrier is originally a mixed mutt that of two different dogs. Along with possible other terrier breeds, there is mostly Welsh Terrier and Otterhound in it’s blood. One of the larger breeds of terriers being the Welsh Terrier breeding with a larger hound dog gives the grand mass that is the Airedale Terrier. Okay, maybe not quite a grand mass, but in comparison to other terrier breeds, thee Airedale Terrier stands alone in the large terrier category.

otterhounddog+ =airedale terrier pups

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