5 Tips to Loving Your Yorkshire

Having dogs is just like raising children, you must show love and attention. When you neglect your dogs, it will have a lasting effect on them. Whether you’ve had your dogs for quite some time, or you just recently adopted one; you must understand the five tips to show love and attention.

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You must religiously treat your dog or dogs with these five pointers so they grow up to be loving creatures. Bad environments and circumstances will be directly proportional to the behavior the dogs grow into. These five tips may seem like basic, or (“no shit”) principles to live by; but you’d be surprised at the amount of dog owners that neglect them.

Take notes.

  1. Always feed your Yorkshire dogs. It’s obvious to feed your dogs, but many bad dog owners will forget this. I have no idea why. Would you starve your child? I wouldn’t think so. There are so many different dog foods you can surprise and love your dog with, just head to any of your local markets to shop around with. There are many tasty food/snack alternatives for your dogs, having all the options is important.
  2. Don’t forget play time. Playing with your dog is a must. Whether you are going to take them for a walk, throw a ball for fetch, or have a tickle war; dogs need attention and love just like humans. Very important to not forget.
  3. Carve out cuddle time in the day or night for snuggles with your dog. Even though dogs can’t communicate with us and vice versa; they will still understand things through physical touch. If you wanted to be loved, what’s a better way than cuddling with those that are most important in your life. Whether you know it or not, Yorkshires love to be touched; it shows them how important you really think they are.
  4. Bring friends and family over to visit with your Yorkshires. When new people come into a life of a dog, the excitement and energy shifts. Think about it, when you were a young child; new people in your life was a new exciting time. Dogs are no different. Have you ever noticed when dogs meet new people and groups of people, they suddenly become stimulated and almost spazz out. This due to the new environment their experiencing. Have a party of gathering of people for your Yorkshires. Even better, bring your Yorkshires out in public to meet new people.
  5. Make veterinary time for your Yorkshires. Humans need time with a doctor to make sure everything is running properly. Finding out about a health problem in the future can be troublesome, especially if there was something to do about it in advance.

loving your yorkshire

Loving your Yorkshire shouldn’t even be a major concern, if you’re a dog owner. If you’re not following these five, easy, simple steps than more love is needed. Neglect of showing attention to your Yorkshires is unacceptable. This simple template will show you the outline of where you need to be placing your time. Look it over, refer to it, and use it.


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Proud owner of two brother Yorkshire Airedale Terriors. Both brothers were proud competitors in some dog competitions and have since retired with me to our farm in Wales England.
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