This are my two Airedale buddies, Shep and Dave.

Shep and Dave spent much of the first half of their lives being show dogs competing in competitions with other AireDale’s terriers and other terrier breeds.

Shep is the one that is always looks around and acting extremely wired and alert. Dave is a little more relaxed because he knows his brother is keeping heavy watch at all times and he can spend more time sniffing and pawing at the grass.

Here are Shep and Dave as puppies with one of their brothers and one of their sisters. We chose them both from the bunch because Shep was looking super excited while Dave acted a little more shy but seemed to perk up when Shep got him excited too. It seemed like they really were connected at the hip and thought it would be a good idea to adopt two brothers that love eachother.

Shep and Dave are since retired from competing in shows and now we spend our lives going on road trips and playing in the snow. They are both fantastic family watchdogs and act just as much of a member of the family as my wife and daughter.