Choosing a Pet from the Right Place

My buddy James was so strong-willed in his choice of dogs that he was adamant in choosing an Airedale Terrier as his pet; yet, he required my guidance.

Being a veterinary medico, it was my duty to give him the top most suggestion for dog breeds for his lifestyle and personality. Let me tell you that James is a person who likes to do things properly and wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. So I had to provide knowledge to him little by little, and also I wanted him to be successful after journeying through various stages right from step one onwards.

To begin with, I took him to a pet wholesaler, where I wanted to show him what kind of animals he could help save.

“Many pet wholesalers are purely interested in the cash gained and do not take the necessary precautions in caring for the animals.”

“They end up not putting much effort into taking care of the animals!”

“Countless of these are unhealthy! Just look at the lack of muscles on some of these dogs that are obviously forced to be stationary all day!”

James became wordless when he heard these realities from me.

After that, I took him to an amateur dog trainer and gave him instructions beforehand to ask over a few queries (concerning the breed history and relevant features about tidying up and tending of this specific variety.)

James was taken aback when the trainer failed to answer even a single query!

“You see, didn’t I tell you these guys are generally ignorant of what kind of illnesses face the variety of dog breeds that we brought up!” I told James emphatically.

“Why is that so?”James spoke with a surprise and a hint of resentment in his voice…

“My dear James, is it difficult for you to appreciate that the main objective of this pet industry is to turn some of these doggies into dollar bills and to put them on the market to achieve the immediate profits they so desire?” Now it was my turn to converse.

“Later, I took my disheartened buddy to a friend of mine Charles—–a traditional hobby breeder of dogs and would you believe, James looked as if he was emphatically relieved to be the calm mannered sir in Charles!”

Charles told James that he cared for various varieties of dogs, simply as a leisure pursuit and never ever looks forward to a profit. He further informed James that he was committed to several varieties of dogs for pleasure of yielding the very absolute likely varieties of the strain. Therefore, the outcome is forever a better-quality.  He further told James that he accepts accountability for all the dear doggies fashioned by him and at all times positions himself at the back of all dogs that he raises. In addition Charles became a bit emotional when he notified both of us that all his doggies were as valuable to him as his kids were!

yorkshire terrior momCharles made us up to date about the fact that it is a fascinating truth that, “Doggies that are in the habitats of industrial pet companies all are generally put up for sale for an equivalent cost, and many a times even extra cost, in comparison to worthy doggies acquired from somber dog trainers who practice it as a leisure pursuit.”

Charles remarked further. ‘Never be scared to inquire queries from any dog breeder; sooner or later, it is your lawful right.’

James paid money to Charles for a pair of very cute Airedale terrier doggies and we departed from him quite satisfied.

About Airedale

Proud owner of two brother Yorkshire Airedale Terriors. Both brothers were proud competitors in some dog competitions and have since retired with me to our farm in Wales England.
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