Entertaining Your Airedale Terrier Puppy

Some dogs need a little more stimulation than others. The Airedale Terrier is definitely one such dog.

This isn’t the kind of puppy you want if you’re hoping for a pet you can leave alone for long periods of time. Because they were bred to be hunters, they thrive with mental and physical stimulation. As puppies, and as adults, they need a variety of different types of exercise. If they become bored, the consequences can be disastrous. Sometimes if they aren’t stimulated enough, and they aren’t trained to know that their owner is dominant over them, they can become aggressive towards other dogs.

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So what can you do to keep them busy, happy, and stimulated every day?

Here are some suggestions.

  1. Exercise your puppy daily.

It’s only natural that hunting dogs are going to want exercise, and if they receive some form of it every day, an Airedale Terrier puppy will be much less rowdy. Teaching your puppy to fetch is an easy form of exercise, and they’ll definitely enjoy it. If you feel comfortable, attempt to teach your puppy how to walk alongside you with a leash yourself, or go to obedience school together and learn how there. This way, you can take your dog on hikes, bike rides, you name it. Switching up the form of exercise will keep your Airedale entertained, and give them a way to vent their pent-up energy.

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  1. Teach your puppy not to chase other animals (like your cat, squirrels, or other dogs!)

Again, their hunting instinct is to blame for this one. Because of their natural predatory status, small animals (like your cat) running away from them are going to look very appealing. While they’re still young, they probably won’t do much damage to your other pets, but when they grow up this kind of behavior becomes dangerous. Make sure they know that chasing other animals is off-limits. If they want to chase a ball you’ve thrown, that’s fine, of course! Everyone will be happier in the long run, though, if they learn to leave other, smaller animals alone.

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  1. Learn to control their jumping.

Airedale puppies like jumping when they play. While it can be endearing, it can also be disruptive in a household, as they may break things or unintentionally hurt people (think kids or older adults). If you’re worried about vulnerable family members, you might want to consider a different dog breed, unless you can keep rough behaviors strictly under control. Don’t worry though: there are potential outlets for their love of jumping. For example, this kind of dog does fairly well pitted against obstacle courses, if they’re trained in how to navigate them. This can be challenging and fun for them, and lets them exercise their brains. They’re very clever dogs, so activities that are mentally stimulating like this are definitely rewarding.

airdale dog puppy love

Hopefully these suggestions will help you keep your adorable little puppy happy, and under control. In the long run, all the activity you’ll be engaging in will not only be good for your dog, but good for you too!

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Proud owner of two brother Yorkshire Airedale Terriors. Both brothers were proud competitors in some dog competitions and have since retired with me to our farm in Wales England.
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