Memories with my Yorkshires

Ever since I was a child I’ve always loved dogs. All different types of dogs. Golden Retrievers, Boxers, Pit Bulls, Poodles, Bulldogs, German Shepherds, Pugs, Yorkshires, and Siberian Huskies are just a couple different breeds I loved. Although I haven’t all these different dog breeds in my house, I’ve come across each breed some way or another. Many of my friends also had an affinity for dogs. I wasn’t alone.

There was something special about the bond I grew with the first dog I ever had, a Yorkshire. When I was eight years old my parents bought the family a male Yorkshire named, Sampson. Sampson was absolutely to die for. When he was a puppy he was the cutest, cuddliest baby dog I’ve ever seen. His eyes were extremely exotic, rare for most Yorkshires. It’s not every day you come across the perfect dog. Of course, I’m biased, but my parents did.

yorkshire dog fanatic


When middle school came, Sampson grew to about the size of a mid-sized wolf. He was big. I was always the one in the family to take him on walks around the neighborhood. I remember on many occasions; neighbors & guests would always comment on the size and appearance of Sampson.

There was something special about him, I previously never felt. Sometimes I feel like he knew everything I wanted and hated; and I felt the same towards him. It was an amazing, unforgettable relationship to say the least.

Looking back, it was funny how attracted girls were after I introduced them to Sampson. A man’s dog says a lot about them, and Sampson spoke a lot about me. Several times I would go on dates with girls in high school, and Sampson would tag along. As corny as it sounds, going to the park and playing with a cute girl and Sampson on the weekend was my idea of fun.

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I’m an outdoors fanatic, so being out in the open with nature is something that is hard to describes with words; especially with Sampson. I honestly believe trying to describe and illustrate with words how I felt hiking with Sampson wouldn’t do any justice. You simply must experience it firsthand. I recall many times seeing squirrels, foxes, gophers, etc. around our hike trail-and Sampson would try to bounce on them. Sampson would try to protect me with any opportunity he had available.

It was tough going into college without Sampson. The lowest point in college for me was my sophomore year.

Right around the time of Halloween, I got a phone call from my father. It wasn’t good news. Sampson had been in the veterinarian’s office for the past seven weeks. My parents were having trouble feeding him in the summer, and had no idea why he wasn’t eating anything. It was odd.

yorkshire lawn dog

Having nowhere else to turn, my parents decided to go to the local veterinarians to see if they could help. After many tests, the veterinarians concluded Sampson came down with a cancer. When I found out I was heartbroken. Mid way through first semester of my sophomore year I lost the longest friend I ever had.

All the memories, love, experiences, special moments I cherished with Sampson will never be forgotten. Thinking about him fetching a ball in the park brings tears to my eyes. I’ve made a vow never to get a dog every again in my life. I don’t think any other dog can replace what I’ve felt through Sampson. He can’t be replaced.

About Airedale

Proud owner of two brother Yorkshire Airedale Terriors. Both brothers were proud competitors in some dog competitions and have since retired with me to our farm in Wales England.
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