The Largest Terrier

The largest of the terrier dog breeds definitely deserves its own blog posts right?

The Airedale Terrier is originally a mixed mutt that of two different dogs. Along with possible other terrier breeds, there is mostly Welsh Terrier and Otterhound in it’s blood. One of the larger breeds of terriers being the Welsh Terrier breeding with a larger hound dog gives the grand mass that is the Airedale Terrier. Okay, maybe not quite a grand mass, but in comparison to other terrier breeds, thee Airedale Terrier stands alone in the large terrier category.

otterhounddog+ =airedale terrier pups

Coming from the line of British Terriers, the stature of Airedale Terrier can vary from 20 kilograms to 55 kilos. The larger Airedale Terriers are usually located in the United States and Canada.

Airedale Terriers are a brown and black colored dog with a thick coat that varies in feeling. When you pet one of these dogs, you will notice that the coat may not be as soft on the exterior, but as you feel the undercoat it is softer. Airedales usually look best when their coat is neatly kept trimmed. You don’t want too long of a coat because then it can get into their ears, and hand past parts of their body where it has the potential to get caught on something. Since they don’t shed, they have to be regularly clipped.

Airedales have a lot of experience working with humans and maintaining other animals. They were often used for hunting, and they are known to be good herders since they like to chase animals.

Airedales were lone hunters. They didn’t need to hunt with a pack of Airedales to help their humans take down their prey. It has become a very smart dog that does not need the companionship of other dogs as frequently as other breeds.

Like other terriers, they are a dog that is always on the lookout, and can be energetic. They can be fantastic dogs in a family setting, particularly when brought up and/or trained with the family. When brought up with children and other similar pets, Airedales usually are good dogs to have around.

Airedales usually fear nothing, likely coming from their heritage as hunting and working dogs. The larger Airedales were often used for hunting larger animals.When people regularly were hunting with dogs in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s they would often have terriers and hounds to go along with them for the hunt. Usually hounds were in packs and one or a few terriers along with them. The hound’s purpose was to smell out for the prey while the terriers were the fearless dog that would go into holes for kills and chase down animals. The common dog chosen for hunting purposes were terriers. Because of these, the genetic mindset of terrier dogs was to be fearless and willing to fight in any circumstance and environment as a lone fighter.

yorkshire airdale terrior dogsAiredale terriers were often in competitions. They would regularly work in watering holes as one of their talents that they showcased in competitions. As stated before, Airedales are bred by hounds and terriers, and they were given a strong nose to do smelling tasks in competition. It also learns to fetch and grab and bring back for the humans. The size that terriers possess make them feared by humans and other animals making it a perfect companion for home and farm protections. They will often be willing to kill rabbits, birds, and other small animals without the human having it do so, and bring it back to humans on their own.

An Airedale Terrier is a great pet and just a great overall animal to have around in your life. They are my favorite type of dog.

About Airedale

Proud owner of two brother Yorkshire Airedale Terriors. Both brothers were proud competitors in some dog competitions and have since retired with me to our farm in Wales England.
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